Penny Mates

Tanner Thibert: Chasing Adventure
Tanner Thibert loves to use photography and videography to capture his many passions and to share stories he cares about. He has lived in California, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and all over the West Coast in his camper van!
Allen Balderas: Wavey Visuals
Allen Delao is a 23 year old photographer and videographer currently living in San Diego, California. He is a lover of all things surfing and skateboarding and currently working as a freelancer for his brand Wavey Visuals. 
Jens and Jan: Digital Creator Twins
Jens and Jan are twins from Heilbronn, Germany, and have been creating photo, FPV, drone and video content for world-famous companies for over three years! 
Paolo Pettigiani: Creator of #infraland
Paolo Pettigiani is the proud creator of #infraland, has an incredible talent for photography, and loves to spend time in nature, hiking, climbing and snow boarding in the winter!
Zia Suarez: Feelin' The High Vibes
Born and raised in South Africa, Zia Suarez currently lives in Barcelona where she loves to explore, travel, hike, surf and of course, skate the streets on her Penny board.
Artist Feature: Marissa Quinn
Marissa Quinn is a professional artist living and working out of her seaside studio in Encinitas California! When she’s not in the studio painting, she loves surfing or hiking or reading a good book at a coffee shop for fun.
Eryn Krouse: Life After Graduation
Eryn Krouse is your typical 22 year old girl who is in love with life and passionate about creating content while traveling or being in the ocean.
Tyler White: Life on the edge
Tyler White is a photographer afflicted with the wanderlust we all know only too well. He travels the world shooting photos of beautiful landscapes and occasionally penguins.
Elena Taber: California Dream
Elena Taber is a student in Southern California who enjoys skating with her friends and traveling the world! She’s also a YouTuber who hopes to create a docu-series in countries around the world.
Sunrise to Sunset: Sally Carden in Biarritz
Sally Carden and Axel Vigna are two nature lovers seeking to discover new locations for adventures, surf and skate. They often travel to different destinations to find sun, smooth streets and good waves.